Laser pointer register in Europe

We register laser pointer products and dealers in Europe to verify they meet European guidelines so governements and webshop platforms can verify if they are legal and safe to be sold and used. Besides registering dealers we also test and report to governments and sales platforms (Such as Amazon and to help keep the internet safe from illegal laser pointers.

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*For sellers: Let us test your laser pointers against European law and get certified. Create an account.

What is Rapex Lasers?

Laser pointer testing and certification company

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About us

Our core function

We help governments, platforms and webshops get rid of dangerous untested laser pointers making the world a safer place one laser at a time.

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Testing procedure

For laser pointer sellers

Fill in the testing contact form. We will contact you with instructions on sending in your laser pointer(s). Once tested, you will get results and, if OK, an official certificate.

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Lookup service

Validate sellers and laser pointers

You can lookup by EAN code, business name, tax number and chamber of commerce number to see if the product is certified by Rapex lasers.

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The laser pointer law

In Europe

Since Feb 5, 2014 the European Union states its illegal to sell Class 3R, 3B and 4 laser pointers. In short a max output of 1mW is allowed to be sold classified in Class 2 max.

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Illegal laser pointer and webshops

Found a seller or laser pointer who sells Class 3B,3R or class 4 laser pointers? Report them to us and we take action by working with governments in Europe.

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For platforms

Free API available

Got a platform where sellers can sell laser pointers and you want to make sure they only offer legal devices? Sign up for our free API and get a status success or fail on multiple input variables keeping your platform safe!

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