For platforms

We keep your platform clean

We understand platforms sell many different products and won't be able to know all the laws around every product. However its important to take action when you can and with our API for platforms you can keep your platform safe from illegal and dangerous laserpointers.

You have 2 options to keep your platform clean:

1 You can implement our API in the laserpointer category to checkup the EAN of the product the customer wants to sell and get a success status when we have certified it to be safe to be sold in Europe or a failed status if not. Besides check by EAN you can also check by Tax id, company name, chamber of commerce number and even domain level but we suggest to checkup by EAN in combination with chamber of commerce number as its easy to use a different ean number.

2 Require customers to signup for a test procedure with us and we report back if they pass or fail. If the test passes its safe to allow the laserpointer on your platform. Last option requires a bit more work but in your dashboard you will have a very clean overview.

By joining our platform you get the following:

By joining our platform you will receive access to your own statistics panel where you can see all the tests performed on your platform and all allowed customers and disallowed customers. Here you will also find the API token to be used in your system. We have in-house programmers who can help you free of charge get the API running on your platform.
Platforms not using our platform and allowing any laserpointer to be sold on their platform is a very bad thing, that's why we make our tests public for consumers to see its dangerous to buy laserpointers on your platform. When you sign-up with us we make these public reports private for only you and us to see keeping your name clean.

Monthly fee for platforms is €399 per month for a period of 24 months. This will get you unlimited api calls, advanced dashboard, private tests reports instead of public keeping your name safe, regular mystery orders, dedicated account manager for questions and first to know law changes around laserpointers.

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