About Rapex Lasers

Our core business

At Rapex Lasers we work very hard cleaning up the internet from illegal laser pointers since it became a free for all wild west. In the last few years we see a spike of dangerous class 3, 3B and class 4 laser pointers being imported from China and being sold on platforms like Amazon, Marktplaats.nl, Bol.com, eBay and many webshops who have no idea about the laser pointer laws in Europe.

Now is the time for action

To regulate the laser pointer market we need a registration system where platforms can validate if a laser pointer is tested and meet the requirements for selling in Europe. This is exactly what Rapex Lasers has setup for platforms so they can keep their platform safe and legal.

We test laser pointers on a daily basis

Sellers of laser pointers can sent us their laser pointer for testing and within 14 days we provide the results. If the tested laser pointer meets the European Union requirements we provide a certificate and register the laser pointer in our database so platforms can see the laser pointer is safe. After a laser pointer / seller is certified we don't stop there but regurly do mystery purchases and re-test if the laser pointer still meets the requirement. This way we close the loop and the world becomes a little bit safer.

We work closely with governments

Consumers and busineses can report illegal laser pointers to us and we will purchase the laser pointer and get it tested either by our own test facility or an external party. When the results are in we report back to the webshop or platform and register the result in our database so anyone can see the results. If the laser pointer does not meet the requirements we will file a report to the government agency in the country where the seller is located so they can give a fine and get the product off market. We have tight connections with these agencies so the proces is fast.